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Sunday, 10 May 2009

What happened to my saturday?

Honestly, I am so sick of all this. I'm sick sick sick of waking up on a saturday at 9 am and start studying right after I finish my breakfast, take a break from 1pm to 2 pm to have lunch and watch friends. Then keep on studying until 9 pm, and then relax for a while. And then doing the same thing on sunday, how sad is that? It's so stressing, I wish I could put myself to sleep and don't wake up. That sounds kinda suicidal, lol, but I don't mean it that way. I wish I had Bernard's watch so I could just turn my alarm off and keep sleeping. And then go to school, stop time and cheat on tests, so I wouldn't be so stressed out. So today I just gave up on history and stopped, I don't give a fuck anymore.
I feel like I go to bed on friday night, and when I wake up, it's a depressing sunday night, and I wake up already feeling so tired that I just want to go back to bed and get a million hours of sleep.
Last night I had a dream where the pressure was so big that I was really planning on quitting and getting the hell out of my school. Which made me think that maybe I can't keep up with it, that I should quit. But I'm not going to, because... I just can't, I love it too much to leave it.

So anyway, it was raining 10 minutes ago, I hope it keeps raining for a while so hopefully I'll go to bed hearing the pouring rain, which is as good as music.
Wish me some luck tomorrow.


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