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Friday, 15 May 2009

So, yeah, about yesterday. I only went to school for one hour to have the economy exam (I got a 99% btw, so congratulate me) and then I went to hospital and got my hands x rayed. So apparently it wasn't sprained after all, but I did get a hematoma, which basically means that one of my veins/arteries kind of ermm, broke? and all the blood flooded my finger, and that's why it hurt so much. Nothing some painkillers can't fix.
So now it's going back to its natural colour an size, it still hurts a bit though.
The day was nice (Keltie obviously made it) and so ... yeah.
Now I'm tired, I only have two tests coming up this week so I'm pretty relaxed.
I like this, I'm going to sleep in tomorrow.
Have a good night.


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