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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Ugh, Ryan Ross, do you know what's worse than waking up to an Eric Ronick playing drums after 13 hours of sleep? Waking up after 6.30 unwanted hours of sleep to your mum telling you that you slept in. How could I be so stupid not to set the alarm clock last night? Way to start the day, Rose.
I really really thought it was going to be hell, my chemistry homework was half done and I was pretty sure I was going to fail the Animal Bio. exam.
For some weird reason I got earlier than ever to school. Then, the chemistry teacher didn't even remember giving us homework so it was great.
And then, the BIG BANG. Nestor (the animal biodiversity teacher) started talking about how disaustrus the results of the exam had been. So then he gave the answer grill to everyone, randomly and we had to check it and see if he had made any mistakes correcting them. A friend got mine and kinda sign-told me that I had gotten 28 answers right which was the limit, so I calmed down. Then Nestor started making fun of me because most of my answers were right and if one was wrong he'd be like "AMUNDARAIN! How come? When I sent you the email with the answers the other day, they were all right, how could you get that wrong?" So yeah, it was funny.
And the rest of the day was just bleeeh.
I hope we can go on the school trip tomorrow or I'll go 7th-8th graders hunting.
Me wantz 2 go look at yer sheepieziez teethiezzzz.


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  1. yo, u must keep going, and everything's gonna be just fine, as i always tell u.
    u r awesome and u can, we both know u can.
    I love u rosie, u r my everything & u know it.
    night love of my no-life :)
    Have an awesome day tomorrow.