I am Rose and this is my soapbox

Monday, 21 December 2009

I've come to find that they understand me,
that we have the same insecurities,
that they feel like I do,
that we're not that different,
that I am not alone.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

You're pointless, repetitious and extremely dull.

It's funny how some people think they know me. Truth is they don't and they probably never will.
I'm a journal with a padlock whose they has been thrown into the ocean and now lies down below where no one can find it.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Open up a little happiness today,
So I can be someone

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Life can end any minute.
Watch the stars.
Feel the fresh air.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

You should have seen me a couple of years ago, I was laughing and drinking and smoking and singing.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Take your shoes off and dance in the rain.

Conversación del día:
"Está nublado, ojalá que llueva"
"Qué? NO!"
"Ah si, te la regalo en el verano sin agua"
"Te la regalo!" *silencio* *risas* "No sabía que decir... NOOOOOOOOO! MI COOOLEEEE!" *se va corriendo sin decir chau nisiquiera*

On another note...
Today I realized how amused I am by people who spend the year laughing at the nerds and pretending they're all so cool, and then you find them in November crying in the bathroom because they're failing their classes. Same ole story.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Beware! Cougar!

Hey, remember when I saw about 10 shooting stars in less than than two hours?
I do.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Mennonite power!

You don't have to waste your time reading this, it'll probably be irrelevant. The one and only purpose of this entry is to remember details in the future.
The trip to La Pampa with school was pretty amazing.
Thursday 12th: I woke up at 5 am, I was giddy as a 13-year-old. For some weird reason it took me about 15 minutes to get dressed, I mean what? O.o I had to be at my old school at 6.30, so I decided to leave 6.15 since it's not very far away from my house. Too bad I didn't think that the streets would be completely empty, so I got there in 5 minutes and only found Ceci there. Everyone arrived little by little, by 7 am we were all there, except for the vans. So we stayed there waiting until they finally arrived 7.30, turns out there had been a problem with the schedule. We hopped in and hit the road. The trip was pretty funny, we talked and fooled around a lot. About two hours later we got to Guatrache, a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, there we caught up with the tour guide, who in my opinion looked like a slut (She was constantly hitting on the van drivers, eugh). We headed to a lagoon, an empty lagoon and the guide gave us a long boring talk. After that we climbed up a "mountain" as they would call it, but it was nothing more than a 25 mt tall hill. Anyway, it was pretty hard to climb up, it was about a million degrees and the sun was killing us. The funny part was seeing the history teacher killing herself to get to the top. Climbing down was pretty hard, I think most of us almost killed ourselves trying. We stepped on the empty lagoon, it was veeery weird and smelly, I don't understand how people get facial treatments with that mud. Then we went back to the campsite, had lunch and headed off to the Mennonite Comunity. OH DEAR GOD, they are sooo weird.
First we went to Maria's house, a 23 year old girl with two adorable daughters. I fell in love with them immediately, they couldn't be cuter. The house was pretty much empty, they're not allowed to have much. Then we met her husband Juan and her brother Isidro (I dare to speak on behalf of the girls in my class and say we all thought he was damn dashing).
Then we went to the church, which wasn't nice at all. There were two mennonite women, two teenage girls and two little girls cleaning it. The little ones were so adorable, they even spoke to us... in GERMAN, so we obviously didn't get a single word of what she was saying.
At the end of the afternoon we went to the store, where all the men looked like they had been taken out of an old English film (I have to admit we all went crazy with the purses they had there) and then to the cheese factory where we had the chance to talk to a 17 year old guy. He was so funny and nice, kindest mennonite I've ever met. There were 3 little girls looking at us from afar and suddenly they started mimicking everything we did, we had a good laugh. Unfortunately, we had to leave. We hit the road again, this time for about three hours, where we got to get the know the teacher as a person and we had the best conversations ever. We got to Parque Luro when it was already super dark. The teacher told us to look out the window because we might get to see some deer, I really didn't expect seeing much, but we got to see a bazillion deers crossing the road and walking next to it, SO CUTE. We got to the campsite and attempted to put up the tents and we half succeeded.
Later on, Cata, Agos and I decided to have a shower. Now, THAT was an odyssey. We were walking to the bathroom and Agos started screaming like a bitch because she was convinced she had seen something in the woods and it scared the crap out of me. Showering was chaotic, the water was cold then super hot then cold, then there was no water, then there was too much water and a hugeass spider appeared in my stall. When we were getting changed some girls had the best idea to start hitting the doors with all their strength, so we obviously screamed like freaks. Then we had dinner and played treasure hunt, which was super fun.
I didn't want to sleep but my head hurt way too much, I felt like I was going to die, so I went into my tent and into my sleeping bag. I tried to sleep but all the guys and the rest of the girls in my tent kept making noise for hours (I still love you guys). So yeah, I fell asleep around 2.30 am.
Friday 13th: For some strange reason we all woke up before 8 am. I slept so well it was incredible. While we were having breakfast we saw another bunch of deers walking near us.
Later on we went to a small museum and went for a walk, I felt like I was in Africa honestly. Then we went to Luro's mansion. Dear lord, I wish I had been alive to live there, one of the best mansions I've ever seen, I could totally imagine men smoking pipe in the living room listening to cool music.
We went back to the campsite, had lunch (which was fucking grose btw) and then it was water fight time! That one was great, I screamed "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" so many times it was incredible.
At 4 something we hopped on the vans again and four hours later we were back in town. It was one of the best trips ever, I enjoyed it so much, and I owe it all to my superawesome teachers and mates. I wish we could do it again.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Be calm, be calm, I know you feel like you are breaking down. Oh I know that it gets so hard sometimes, be calm.
Take it from me, I've been there a thousand times.
You hate your pulse because it thinks you're still alive and everything's wrong. It just gets so hard sometimes, be calm.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I'm having a breakdown

Ah, I've missed you blog!
I've wanted to post something forever but I just didn't have time.
The past few weeks have been amazing, I'm gonna blog about it someday because it was breathtaking. But I had to come back to the real unwanted world again.
But today I really felt like I should blog about certain things.
The thing is that today I went to the countryside with school with the whole sheeps class thing. It was fun at first, running the sheeps was something amusing to me. But then it all got horrible. You know, I didn't use to worry about sheeps because I thought "they don't get killed, they just get the wool out of them so it's not bad. I guess I was being an ignorant. Truth is that no matter what, they will always be treated like shit. I looked at them in the eyes and my heart broke in a million pieces. Fucking stupid men laugh at those creatures because they're always scared. But they have a million reasons to be scared. I wanted to pet one and it just started walking backwards and I was like "Hey sheepie, I'm not going to hurt you", but still she was scared shitless and it made me feel horrible. I wish I could go now and release them all, even though they would die, but still. kjbfas I really don't want to eat meat again, nor wear any sort of woollen clothes.
I could go on and on talking about this, but I'll cry and I already broke down today so I don't want to cry anymore.
I'm under so much pressure right now. I just want to put myself to sleep for a while, for real.
Must - stay - calm.

Peace out.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

So I guess I was chosen "nicest person" in my class... again, except maybe better, or not. I don't know whether I should be happy or not. I'm flattered, but not too pleased.
As for senior trip? Probably back to plan A, which is good.
I need friday afternoon right now.
I haven't packed a crap yet, but I am soooo excited.
Crappy day ahead, goodnight.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

My mind is a safe.

I've been passing all the exams with very nice grades lately. I'm getting the highest ones actually, I'm pretty happy about it.
But for some reason I feel extremely tired. My head hurts, I feel like I'm about to explode. So, dear Mr Ryan Ross, I know how you feel.
I can't wait for this week to be over.
I'll be the happiest person on earth on friday, thank you.

Woah, you're tanned boys. Looking good.

Monday, 18 May 2009

A perfect pane of glass

You don't get it, do you? You're the moon.
You're MY MOON.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

You're one of the best things I have in life.

Friday, 15 May 2009

So, yeah, about yesterday. I only went to school for one hour to have the economy exam (I got a 99% btw, so congratulate me) and then I went to hospital and got my hands x rayed. So apparently it wasn't sprained after all, but I did get a hematoma, which basically means that one of my veins/arteries kind of ermm, broke? and all the blood flooded my finger, and that's why it hurt so much. Nothing some painkillers can't fix.
So now it's going back to its natural colour an size, it still hurts a bit though.
The day was nice (Keltie obviously made it) and so ... yeah.
Now I'm tired, I only have two tests coming up this week so I'm pretty relaxed.
I like this, I'm going to sleep in tomorrow.
Have a good night.


Oh - my - Jon. I can't belive this, one of my biggest heroes twittered me. The best part about it is that it totally caught me off guard. I mean, I didn't even write to her or anything, I just mentioned her and she twittered me.
So when I saw it, I was like "What? Twitter, stop making no sense"
I'm stunned.

I love you, Keltie Colleen, you'll always be one of my favourite people in the world. YOU DESERVE THE STARS.

ps. notice her twitter to coun above mine ;)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I sprained my right ring finger playing handball today. GREAT.
It hurts as fuck. And it's so freaking swollen, it looks like a sausage.
I can't even bend it. So yeah, tomorrow after the exam I'm getting the hell out of my school and then going to hospital.
Okay two more words before going to bed.
oh and I'm madly in love with keltie colleen.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Ugh, Ryan Ross, do you know what's worse than waking up to an Eric Ronick playing drums after 13 hours of sleep? Waking up after 6.30 unwanted hours of sleep to your mum telling you that you slept in. How could I be so stupid not to set the alarm clock last night? Way to start the day, Rose.
I really really thought it was going to be hell, my chemistry homework was half done and I was pretty sure I was going to fail the Animal Bio. exam.
For some weird reason I got earlier than ever to school. Then, the chemistry teacher didn't even remember giving us homework so it was great.
And then, the BIG BANG. Nestor (the animal biodiversity teacher) started talking about how disaustrus the results of the exam had been. So then he gave the answer grill to everyone, randomly and we had to check it and see if he had made any mistakes correcting them. A friend got mine and kinda sign-told me that I had gotten 28 answers right which was the limit, so I calmed down. Then Nestor started making fun of me because most of my answers were right and if one was wrong he'd be like "AMUNDARAIN! How come? When I sent you the email with the answers the other day, they were all right, how could you get that wrong?" So yeah, it was funny.
And the rest of the day was just bleeeh.
I hope we can go on the school trip tomorrow or I'll go 7th-8th graders hunting.
Me wantz 2 go look at yer sheepieziez teethiezzzz.


Monday, 11 May 2009

Una célula vegetal según Alice.
Las cuatro paredes de una habitación son la pared celular. A esas paredes, las forrás con papel film y eso es la membrana plasmática. La llenás de gelatina y eso es el citoplasma. Te dan ganas de hacer una fiesta, entonces colgás una piñata redonda gigante en el medio, lo cual sería el núcleo. Después colgás muchas bombuchas por todos lados por la gelatina, y esas son las otras organelas. Por último, agarrás muchas guirnaldas y las ponés por todos lados y envolvés bien al nucleo, osea que es el citoesqueleto. y TARAAAAAAAA, ahí te quedó una super sex party de célula con gelatina (Y).
En historia me fue bien porque llovía nada más. Me quedo doliendo la mano y toda manchada de azul. La profe se rió, porque me quiere, creo 8)
Y y y hoy estudié mucho, no se como hice.
Néstor se quebró un tobillo. KARMA, Néstor, KARMA!

Oh sii, hace fríoooo (L)
Quiero dormirrrrr :D


Sunday, 10 May 2009

What happened to my saturday?

Honestly, I am so sick of all this. I'm sick sick sick of waking up on a saturday at 9 am and start studying right after I finish my breakfast, take a break from 1pm to 2 pm to have lunch and watch friends. Then keep on studying until 9 pm, and then relax for a while. And then doing the same thing on sunday, how sad is that? It's so stressing, I wish I could put myself to sleep and don't wake up. That sounds kinda suicidal, lol, but I don't mean it that way. I wish I had Bernard's watch so I could just turn my alarm off and keep sleeping. And then go to school, stop time and cheat on tests, so I wouldn't be so stressed out. So today I just gave up on history and stopped, I don't give a fuck anymore.
I feel like I go to bed on friday night, and when I wake up, it's a depressing sunday night, and I wake up already feeling so tired that I just want to go back to bed and get a million hours of sleep.
Last night I had a dream where the pressure was so big that I was really planning on quitting and getting the hell out of my school. Which made me think that maybe I can't keep up with it, that I should quit. But I'm not going to, because... I just can't, I love it too much to leave it.

So anyway, it was raining 10 minutes ago, I hope it keeps raining for a while so hopefully I'll go to bed hearing the pouring rain, which is as good as music.
Wish me some luck tomorrow.


Friday, 8 May 2009

Oh my Jon.

Yesterday I was saying how uncomfortable it is for me when people pray when I'm there (outside of church obviously) and can turn out to be very awkward. And my friend said that if I'm at someone's house and they pray before eating or something, I should go with the flow and pray too. And like wtf, I'm not going to pray if I don't believe in it, Im not going to ask them not to pray either, but that doesn't mean that I have to be ok with it.
Gah, people get on my nerves sometimes.
Lmao I'm just trying to imagine the situation. Me spending the night at her house and me trying to explain their parents that I hate meat (it's major meat eaters we're talking about) and that I don't believe in god. They'd jizz brix.

Jon walker I love you.
Ah man, it's been so crazy lately. I've been so insecure about everything that I didn't think I would survive the week. Thank god it's friday.
Today philosophy class was just great, my friends and I argued so much that the teacher was afraid that we would end up having a fist fight, but it was awesome. Just thinking about extreme situations makes you nervous and get all crazy. It's cool though.
It's so freaking coooold, I think I'm going to die.
And I already forgot everything I was going to say.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

-We're poor. My mum only has 9$ and it's not enough to pay the flat rent.
-Oh, I think my parents have like.. a thousand!
-Well your parents could lend my mum some money.
-No, because we're rebuilding the new house and it has two bathrooms so they have to buy two toilets, two sinks, to baths, so that's a lot of money that they have to spend.

An epic conversation I once had with a friend when we were 6 years old, me being the one insisting on the toilets.
I don't know why I remembered that but it made me lol.

Got fucked this morning. Who cares about all those things that ~I didn't know?

Saturday, 2 May 2009

This is by far the most interesting thing you'll ever read in your entire life.
Because my life is awesome...yeah.
I just married Banana, once again.